Product Features

Urbania Sublime Engineered Hardwood Floors are designed for The Discerning Wood Flooring Consumer who demands both uncompromising Form and Functionality.

Urbania is proud to present a product line that is truly unique, one that is produced with the highest quality raw materials and processed on a state-of-the-art German- engineered precision manufactoring process. As a full 3⁄4” product, with a 7.5” width and a 6’ length, the Urbania Sublime collection is designed to perform in the most demanding environments. We take great pride in our attention to detail, our teams of product finishing specialists work on a plank-by-plank basis to craft a product of superior quality and enduring beauty.

The finishes of the Urbania Sublime collection were chosen to be a tool in the hands of the Interior Design Professional as well as those individuals with the talent and creativity to create their own beautiful spaces. We strive to offer a foundational element within your design scheme that enables the creation of unique, harmonious and aesthetically pleasing interior environments and spaces.

cross grain

Balanced Hardwood-Softwood- Hardwood Cross Grain Construction provides optimum stability for new construction + superior nail down performance.

precision milling

A perfect fit. URBANIA products are produced on a state-of-the art German production line, milling defects common on solid wood flooring are eliminated.

vertical grain

The core is engineered to have tight wood grain with vertical orientation. This German innovation yields maximum stability.

zero emissions

URBANIA floors are produced with environmentally responsible adhesives and coatings. All URBANIA products conform to CARB Phase 2 emission standards, the strictest in the USA.

performance coatings

Made-in-Germany coatings are used to ensure superior scratch resistance and gloss retention.

wood welding

URBANIA floors are laminated with structural adhesives. Bonds are waterproof and guaranteed to last for life.

wear layer

6 mm of Dry Sawn hardwood offers 100% of the service life of solid hardwood flooring.

moisture control

Stringent moisture control during the manufacturing process ensures URBANIA Engineered Hardwood is optimized for installation in Canadian Climates and is resistant to environmental construction moisture from poured concrete, drywall mud and wet decks.